Diverse Dialogs on Race and Culture

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There will be a free film screening and discussion of the film Welcome to Shelbyville on Monday, September 19th at 7 pm at the Lawrence Public Library. Dicsussants will include Jennifer Ng (Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Cecilia Menjivar (Foundation Distinguished Professor of Sociology) and Alex Vilagram (Junior in Political Science).

Welcome to Shelbyville depicts a small town in the heart of America’s Bible Belt as it grapples with rapidly changing demographics in this hour-long documentary. Longtime African American and white residents are challenged with how best to integrate with a growing Latino population and the more recent arrival of hundreds of Muslim Somali refugees.

Sponsored by the Kansas African Studies Center, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Langston Hughes Center, Department of African & African American Studies, and the Lawrence Public Library.